Secular homeschool curriculum reviews

The home schooling is a world which is full of reading materials, course books, and choices of curriculum. But for the secular homeschoolers, these choices or options are very much low. There is often a struggle for the Secular homeschoolers to have a curriculum which is of high quality and is developed without any religious worldview

Moving beyond the Page offers a best secular homeschool curriculum. It doesn’t have any teaching related to religion or doctrine concepts. It mainly includes teachings about the creations, age of the earth and origin. Their main goal is to have a quality curriculum which fulfills the needs of gifted and creative learners and it doesn’t matter if it arrives from any of the household (religious and non-religious)

Secular homeschooling

Global Village School offers the home schooling education which is aligned with the values of secular families. Secular families are mainly looking to teach their children more about responsibility and ethics without touching the religious part of it. Global Village School also offers customized curriculum according to the needs and demands of different secular families

Secular homeschool curriculum packages:

There are many schools and online institutes which offer secular home schooling curriculum packages and one of them is “timberdoodle”. They offer a wide range of packages which are designed according to the needs of secular families. They have different packages for different babies of different ages.

Non-religious homeschool curriculum

Oak Meadow was founded by teachers and parents who wanted to teach their kids without including the religion into it. They believe that religion should be separated from home-schooling and it is one of the best curriculums.

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