SC homeschool associations

There are many associations in the South Carolina which offers help and guidance to the parents who are seeking homeschooling education for their kids. Parents who are new to the homeschooling or stuck in legal complications can approach these associations for advice.

SCAIHS (South Carolina Association of Independent Homeschools) is one of the associations which aims to provide support to parents in choosing a homeschool and curriculum for their kids. They offer other services too, like career counselling, teacher training and other certifications as well

Palmetto Homeschool Association, Inc. (PHA), is another organization which was funded by Jeff and Carolyn Petroski. PHA’s mission is to enable the parents in educating their kids through homeschooling programs with more freedom

SouthCarolina homeschool

South Carolina homeschools are providing quality education and parents are shifting to educate their kids through a variety of homeschool located in South Carolina. Some of the best homeschools in South Carolina are Horizon Charter School, Hart-Ransom Academic Charter School, Visions in Education Charter School and Camptonville Academy

SC homeschool law

There are some legislations and legal procedures which must be followed in order to educate the kids through homeschooling programs. According to these laws, the guardian or parent can teach their kids at home if all the instructions of the one of the association of South Carolina are followed. The association must have at least 50 members. A parent must possess high school diploma or GED (General Educational Development) certificate. The record of the student must be maintained regularly.

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