Preschool Homeschool curriculum

Finding a perfect preschool homeschool curriculum is very important. It is the need and demand of every parent who wants to educate their kids through the program of homeschool. Giving right introduction and knowledge about the world to the child can help them in becoming successful in future.
Sonlight is one of the best places where parents can take help from the experts regarding choosing the best preschool homeschool curriculum. On their website, they provide useful advices and guidance about the prehomeschool curriculum.

Homeschool preschool schedule

Parents want to develop such type of preschool schedule for their child, which can develop their learning skills and there is a balance between everything. Preschool schedule should be simple and can be vary from day to day. A simple preschool schedule should be like this:

8:30am – Breakfast
9:00am –Daily Learning Notebook
10:00am – Colour / Shapes Recognition
10:10am – Fine Motor Skills
10:45am – Activities of Math
11:00am – Logical Thinking
11:30am – Art
11:45am – Reading
12:00 noon – Lunch
1:00 pm – Free

How to homeschool preschool

The age from 2-5 is so formative. The foundation of the child’s temperament and interest is nurtured. Many developing skills are also boosted which helps them in schools in the future. Parents can homeschool preschool by some of the following steps:

  1. Teaching the kids ABCDs and developing activities like recognizing different alphabet’s
  2. Teaching the kid to write his/her name
  3. Matching the similar items and identification of those items
  4. Telling them about different shapes and colours.

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