ACE homeschool curriculum

ACE homeschool has a very definite curriculum which includes all the basic subjects which are:

  • Phonics and reading
  • Writing
  • A+ Mathematics
  • Monarch by Alpha Omega
  • Computer instruction courses

ACE homeschool reviews

ACE has been considered as the school of tomorrow where the efficient and professional teachers prepare your children for the tomorrow, because kids are the future of this nation. Before sending your kids to the Ace here is a quick review. The students here are given the quality and standard education and after graduating they can apply in any field they want with confidence. The students here are given liberty and taught with love and care. Every Friday students are given the opportunity to prepare lunch for themselves so they learn how to handle kitchen and prepare food. Students are also told how to build a moral character. Lessons regarding Christianity are also being delivered. In short, many parents have favored this homeschool and are happy with the way they are educating their kids.

ACE homeschool diagnostic test

There is a rule that before getting admission into the SCE every student has to go through a diagnostic test, this test determines that how much effort would a student has to do in a certain area or subject. This test has four domains which are:

  1. Mathematics from 1-9 standard
  2. English from 1-8 standard
  3. Reading levels
  4. And spelling level

Once the areas which need more concentration are assessed, then certain PACEs are given to overcome the weaknesses. This is done at beginning and is absolutely free.

Alpha omega homeschool reviews

Sending your child to the correct homeschool and making sure that he is getting the satisfactory education is also mandatory, but now you can also check that how satisfactory the services are, by simply by clicking on the homepage of the homeschool and reading the reviews.

Alpha Omega homeschool reviews are very satisfying as parents are contented with the quality of the education being given to their kids. Then they are also happy with the topics being taught along with the extracurricular activities that are offered during the session . AOP is also a reasonable homeschool where every parent can afford sending their children. The parents are absolutely happy with the current curriculum that alpha omega homeschool is offering to the students. Parents are extremely obliged that their kids are studying under the alpha omega homeschool banner.

Alpha omega homeschool curriculum

The Curriculum of alpha omega homeschool is divided into two portions, one is for students studying from third to twelve standard and the other is from K to twelve standard.

  • For students 3 – 12 the programs offered are computer based learning which will include videos, animations and interesting clips.
  • For this specific group the curriculum has been designed by certified and skillful teachers.At this level students will be made to learn each concept before they can move onto others.

Apart from these the programs are also being offered at Alpha omega homeschool which are:

  • Ignitia and switched on School house for 3-12 grades
  • Lifepac for grades K-12
  • Horizon for grades K-8

Homeschooling in North Carolina

The concept of homeschooling in North Carolina is emerging day by day. Parents are convinced over this fact that a child should be subjected to homeschooling due to the factors like they can ensure safety and grooming of their child.

How to homeschool in NC

Homeschooling in NC is not mainstream, but it is gaining popularity. In the beginning, it might be difficult to choose a proper homeschool for your child, but there are few things that should be taken in account before you choose a worthy homeschool for your children which are:

  • Proper information about it through reliable source
  • What programs are they offering

NC homeschool curriculum

Every homeschool in North Carolina offers but most of them emphasize on the following things:

  • Teaching of basic subjects like English, mathematics, history is mandatory,
  • Other subjects like social sciences, arts, language can also be taught, but with the consent of the parents.
  • Every week an arts class should be held.
  • By the end of the every month an assessment test must be held and the report shall be submitted to the parents as well.

NC homeschool laws

Under the NC homeschool laws following points should be kept in mind:

  • Children who are below 16 years are eligible for homeschooling.
  • Regular attendance is mandatory for homeschooling.
  • The teacher or the guardian must also carry out extracurricular activity and the children should be encouraged to take part in it.
  • There should be an annual test for each homeschooler.
  • Homeschooler should be given lectures regarding spellings, history, mathematics, science and government.
  • Apart from the usual subjects the subjects of arts should be introduced in the session also.

Homeschooling in PA

Pennsylvania is considered to be the most strictly regulated state in the USA. These regulations are always posing a threat to homeschoolers, but actually if you are well conversant with the rules and regulations then there is no difference in homeschooling between PA and other states. Here in this guide, we will discuss a few aspects about homeschooling in pa.

PA Homeschoolers

PA Homeschooler is a magazine to help homeschoolers in the state which is published under co-editorship of Susan and Howard Richman. Its first edition was published back in 1982 and since then it is providing an insight on homeschooling matters in Pennsylvania. Since 2010, users can access PA homeschoolers online as well.

PA Homeschool Law

For homeschooling,  parents need to submit an affidavit duly attested by notary public which will contain certain undertakings.

  1. Medium of instructions would be English.
  2. The person who will supervise homeschooling program is the child’s parent or a guardian and he possesses a high school diploma or an equivalent certification,
  3. Any adult living in the same house has no criminal record in past 5 years.
  4. Homeschooling program will meet the stat’s provisions.

According to an amendment to homeschool law which was issued in 2014, there is no requirement of portfolio review by college superintendents. It declared parent issued diploma equivalent to the diploma issued by the commonwealth.

How To Homeschool in PA

If you have decided to homeschool your child, then you must consult all available resources to gather information on this subject. As a homeschooling parent it is your sole responsibility to ensure complete compliance with the local law for this purpose.

Homeschooling in Florida

Homeschooling is an emerging trend in the United States of America. All states have done deliberation for the smooth provision of this facility to its inhabitants. Here we will discuss certain homeschooling aspects pertinent to Florida.

Florida Homeschool Laws

Florida state law has numerous sections which narrate responsibilities of homeschooling parents and children.

  1. Parents are not required to have certification to homeschool their children.
  2. There is no restriction on the number of hours in a particular day per year.
  3. Homeschooling parents are supposed to maintain a portfolio containing educational activities and samples of any practical work done by the child.
  4. Parents shall forward an annual progress report in which a teacher will assess the progress of the child.
  5. Homeschooling children can participate in inter school extracurricular events, can apply for educational scholarships, are eligible to take admission in community colleges and they can avail testing and evaluation facilities from diagnostic and resource centers.

Florida Homeshool Convention

In order to highlight every other matter in favor of citizens of Florida, conventions are meant to be taken place on various matters. One of these prioritized matters may include homeschools that is related to the education of students. Such conventions are held to formulate policies and discuss issues faced by homeschoolers. An example of such conventions is FPEA Florida homeschool convention.

Florida Homeschool Requirements

One major requirement for homeschooling in the State of florida is Compulsory attendance. This section of the law applies to all the children between 6 to 16 years of age. Now there are few options available to homeschooling parents, which can help them meet this requirement.

  1. Enroll your child with a non campus based private school those provide homeschooling.
  2. Prepare a homeschooling program according to the statutes.
  3. Get help from a private home tutoring program.

Homeschooling in Texas

Homeschooling is one of the most convenient ways that a student could utilize for learning in an environment that he is aware of.

Texas Homeschool Coalition

Texas homschool coalition was formulated back in 1986. Its sole purpose was to handle the number of lawsuits, those were filled against the homeschoolers. In 1995 it was declared as a non-profit educational organization and in 2000 it gained the status of 501 (c) (4) advocacy organization for homeschooling families of Texas. THSC mission is to protect and serve homsschoolers and their families in the state.

Texas Homeschool Laws

Every state has a different set of laws governed by different bodies for homeschooling children and their families. In Texas law, homeschools are considered as private schools and private schools are not regulated by this state. In Texas if you are interested to homeschool your child, then there is no need to notify or to file some kind of paper to any authority.

How to Homeschool in Texas

In order to get a student to be homeschooled, it is necessary to understand the exact criterion set by the state and follow the procedures specified. In addition, it is necessary that a thorough research is to be done on the home school and compare it as per the Texas state laws. In case of high schools, THSC takes pride in providing homeschools to students and there are many homeschools like it that have started off from abiding Texas laws and following the standards of how to homeschool in Texas.

Kindergarten homeschool curriculum

Children want to learn about new things. Their mind at very little stages of life is making developmental advances which are very important. According to experts, child at early stages wants to adopt the style of their role models and nothing is a better role model than their parents (Mom and Dad). Parents want to put their children on the right track from the very early stages of life. They want to develop a strong foundation for their child’s coming years and Sonlight’s Kindergarten homeschool curriculum can be one of the perfect choices. It is an award winning homeschool curriculum, which opens the mind of children through “Learning is Fun” approach.

Kindergarten homeschool schedule

The Kindergarten homeschool schedule is not a typical or a strict schedule, but it follows some basic rhythm. For example, Reagan Emmy and Max’s kindergarten homeschool schedule offers a double up on work on any day which will give free days later on.

Similarly, Abeka offer a customized schedule for kindergarten homeschool and it can be flexible according to the needs of different families.

Kindergarten homeschool lesson plans

In the kindergarten homeschool curriculum, kids of age 4 – 6 year are initially introduced to different concepts. Kindergarten lesson plans are the best way for the parents and teachers who want to have balance of learning and fun in the lesson plans. offers  activities and printable kindergarten worksheets. With the help of these tools, kids can learn different concepts as well as can have some enjoyment too.

Homeschool math curriculum

Teachers and parents sometimes struggle to find the answer of one question. “What is the best math curriculum they should use”, “How to choose the best math curriculum”. is one of the best places where teachers and parents can look for the answers. Their main aim is to help the parents in choosing the best math curriculum for their homeschooling kids. They have got a large pool of reviews about the best math curriculum available in the market. Abeka Math, Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), Calvert Math (K-8) and Alpha Omega Lifepacs are some of the top rated institutes which offers best homeschool math curriculum.

Saxon math homeschool curriculum

Saxon Math Homeschool offers one of the finest and most deeply researched homeschool math curriculums. They are in this business for more than 30 years. Saxon math is specially designed for kids of Grades K–12 and this curriculum is based on continual practice, assessment, incremental development and reviews

Saxon math homeschool kits

For the last 30 years, Saxon Math is one of the top choice math curriculums of the parents who are teaching their kids through homeschool programs. Their unique methodology of teaching the kids through conceptual approach has made them one of the market leaders. They offer a wide range of math homeschool kits for kids of different ages. Saxon Math Grade 1, Saxon Math Kindergarten, Saxon Math Grade 2 and Saxon Intermediate 3 are some of the most popular kits, offered by Saxon math.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a new trend which is getting popular all around the world. In homeschooling parents choose to teach their children in home and they do not send them to traditional schools. There are many reasons for choosing home schooling such as:

  • dissatisfaction with the level of education
  • different educational philosophies and religious beliefs

Homeschooling statistics

Home schooling is one of the fastest growing educational forms in America. It is also getting popular in countries like France, Hungary, Australia, Japan, Canada, Kenya, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, England and Thailand. There are more than 2.2 million students in America, which are home-educated. The population of homeschooling kids is increasing with constant pace and according to research there is increase of homeschooling trend with rate 2 percent to 8 percent annually.

Homeschooling Blog

This list Homeschooling Blogs is compiled due to the reason that they are providing valuable information to those, who are willing to engage their children with home schooling. These blogs also provide other valuable tips about this fast growing trend.

Confessions of a homeschooler is a great blog which is full of wonderful ideas, curriculum, projects, recipes, digital scrap books and resources which help the parents in choosing the home schooling curriculum for their kids.

Homeschool creation is another wonderful blog which provides helpful tips, free printables, and curriculum for those families who are seeking guidance for their kids.

Practical homeschooling is a platform which helps hundreds and thousands of children in homeschooling. They help the parents in different areas like college preparation, special education, and how to teach the child to read. There experts with their past experience guide the parents in different stages of homeschooling.

Secular homeschool curriculum reviews

The home schooling is a world which is full of reading materials, course books, and choices of curriculum. But for the secular homeschoolers, these choices or options are very much low. There is often a struggle for the Secular homeschoolers to have a curriculum which is of high quality and is developed without any religious worldview

Moving beyond the Page offers a best secular homeschool curriculum. It doesn’t have any teaching related to religion or doctrine concepts. It mainly includes teachings about the creations, age of the earth and origin. Their main goal is to have a quality curriculum which fulfills the needs of gifted and creative learners and it doesn’t matter if it arrives from any of the household (religious and non-religious)

Secular homeschooling

Global Village School offers the home schooling education which is aligned with the values of secular families. Secular families are mainly looking to teach their children more about responsibility and ethics without touching the religious part of it. Global Village School also offers customized curriculum according to the needs and demands of different secular families

Secular homeschool curriculum packages:

There are many schools and online institutes which offer secular home schooling curriculum packages and one of them is “timberdoodle”. They offer a wide range of packages which are designed according to the needs of secular families. They have different packages for different babies of different ages.

Non-religious homeschool curriculum

Oak Meadow was founded by teachers and parents who wanted to teach their kids without including the religion into it. They believe that religion should be separated from home-schooling and it is one of the best curriculums.