Homeschool Bible curriculum

Parents who want to teach their kids from the biblical perspective, they always choose the homeschool bible curriculum. It includes some very unique and engaging tools for teaching the Bible to the kids from 4th grade and above. It is not just simple bible, but related to other different things too.

Sonlight homeschool bible curriculum is a full grade package which includes study programs related to the bible. The books are kid-friendly and help the kids in developing their interest in the bible. Kids learn many things about bible which enable them to apply these things on themselves.

Bible based homeschooling

Bible based homeschooling is done mostly by the religious minded families, who wants their kids to learn about their religion too. In the bible based homeschooling, the main text book is bible. In bible based homeschooling, the study is faithful to the Word and the main focus is on what the bible is saying is an online platform where Bible based homeschool resources, blogs, and other useful tips are shared and parents can get help from all these things.

Homeschool Bible study

Nowadays, parents believe that having a brief knowledge of the bible is very essential for the kids (in fact, for everyone). But real homeschooling parents want to study and learn the bible together with the whole family. Homeschool bible study is getting very popular now a days because parents don’t need to send their kids to some other place. They can teach them basic things in the home

Catholic homeschool curriculum

Parents with catholic backgrounds always look for that homeschool curriculum, which is catholic based. Parents want to teach their kids about modern subjects as well as about the catholic values and practices.

Catholic Heritage Curricula is one of the finest catholic homeschool curriculums which include exclusive course materials and teaching plans. It is especially designed for kids of grade -12. The main aim of this curriculum is to offer spiritual education alongside with the modern education too.

Seton home study school is another institute which offers catholic homeschool curriculum. Initially, they were not offering homeschooling programs, but increase in the demand, they finally decided to start their catholic homeschool programs too. They offer different catholic homeschool curriculums like Elementary Course, High School, and independent study curriculum. They also offer customized curriculum for the students, who have some specific interest or need. Apart from that, students can access their online services and audio lectures for more understanding too.

Catholic homeschooling

Catholic homeschooling is a trend which is getting popular among the catholic families who are looking to educate their kids through homeschool programs. There are many organizations which are offering catholic homeschooling programs like Mother of Divine Grace School, Kolbe Academy Homeschool, Our Lady of Victory School, Angelicum Academy, Catholic Heritage Curricula and St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

All of the above mentioned institutes offer catholic homeschooling curriculums which included teaching tools based on classical content and method. They focus on promoting the traditional values as well as developing skills which will help the students in the future

Christian homeschool curriculum

Many parents want to have a curriculum which teaches the kids from a Christian perspective and one of them is Abeka Book. More than 250,000 choose the Abeka curriculum for their kids because it is designed from a Christian perspective, keeping parents and child in mind.

Accelerated Christian Education is another homeschool curriculum, which offers educational material and diagnostic testing for the kids of the grade levels k-12. Alongside the quality academics, it also comes with Biblical principles, Godly character and traditional values.

Online Christian homeschool

Distance learning is one of the most trending educational ways now a days. Online Christian homeschools enables the kids to learn while staying at home. Enlightium academy online private homeschool is offering homeschooling education to kids of grades k-12. It enables the kids to achieve the highest quality education as well as basic knowledge of the traditional values.

Easy Peasy is another online homeschool which enables the parents to homeschool their kids without facing any major financial issues. It offers quality education and the curriculum is designed according to the interest level of kids.

A Beka Academy is another online accredited program for the kids of grade 12. The education is provided through video presentations, online study material and also uses the Christian charter building tools taken from the A Beka Book.

Christian liberty academy homeschool

Christian liberty academy homeschool works in standardized process. Parents get Godly education, tailored curriculum, a wide variety of publishers, many alternate courses, flexible schedule of study, program accredited by NAPS, a nationally recognized diploma and everything at one low price.

Bob Jones homeschool curriculum

Bob Jones homeschool Curriculum is one of the best homeschool curriculums which is easily implemented for the kids of grades Prek-12. Bob Jones homeschool curriculum can be customized according to the needs and demands of the parents. Bob Jones homeschool curriculum is available for the following subjects, math, heritage studies, sciences, arts, reading, literature, spelling, handwriting, bible, vocabulary, etc.

Bob Jones university homeschool

Bob Jones university homeschool is a distance learning program which helps the parents who are looking to educate their kids through the homeschool programs.

40 per cent of the students of Bob Jones University are homeschooled.

There academics are affordable and there are several opportunities for the cultural expansion and leadership development. The environment is very caring and focused.

Bob Jones homeschool reviews

Parents regularly provide feedback of the Bob Jones homeschool curriculum and Bob Jones University always takes these feedbacks very seriously. Some of the reviews are mentioned bellow:

  • “..Bob Jones University is a great distance program. The course is designed according to our needs and activities were designed in such a way that the kid doesn’t get bore and he learns while playing. They are further doing the improvements and the communication was quick. Kudos to them..”

  • “..I brought the Bob Jones homeschool curriculum for my kids. But I found it confusing. All the answers are not provided in the key and I have spent a lot of time to understand the activities. The DVDs are in pristine condition and you can only use them for 1 year..”

Montessori homeschool curriculum

To find and setup a perfect Montessori homeschool curriculum for the kids, parent needs to take guidance from the experts and institutes who are offering different Montessori homeschool curriculums. One of them is NAMCs Montessori homeschool program. NAMC’s 3–6 Montessori Homeschool Program is a highly rich program which helps the parents in building the foundations which they are looking to setup for their kids. In a single and convenient shipment, parents will receive the curriculum, temples, key materials and other supporting materials which will help the parents in building a learning environment.

Homeschool Montessori

In a traditional homeschool Montessori, there are teachers and directors who have got special Montessori training. If parents want to teach the child through homeschool Montessori, he/she should have got the accredited training. Homeschooling with Montessori has gained major importance in the last few years and parents finds many benefits in homeschool Montessori.

Montessori homeschool blog

Blogs are a very useful medium for the parents who are looking for the guidance regarding homeschool Montessori. These blogs provide useful tips and advices to parents and by implementing these tips, parents can witness useful outcomes. Some of the useful and top blogs are Age of Montessori, All Join In and Beautiful Sun Montessori.

Online Montessori schools

Online Montessori schools are helping the parents and kids by providing distance learning educational tools. Global village school is a similar kind of initiative, aiming to help the parents in choosing online Montessori homeschool curriculum. They also offer customized curriculums, based on the interest, demand and learning style of the kid.

Preschool Homeschool curriculum

Finding a perfect preschool homeschool curriculum is very important. It is the need and demand of every parent who wants to educate their kids through the program of homeschool. Giving right introduction and knowledge about the world to the child can help them in becoming successful in future.
Sonlight is one of the best places where parents can take help from the experts regarding choosing the best preschool homeschool curriculum. On their website, they provide useful advices and guidance about the prehomeschool curriculum.

Homeschool preschool schedule

Parents want to develop such type of preschool schedule for their child, which can develop their learning skills and there is a balance between everything. Preschool schedule should be simple and can be vary from day to day. A simple preschool schedule should be like this:

8:30am – Breakfast
9:00am –Daily Learning Notebook
10:00am – Colour / Shapes Recognition
10:10am – Fine Motor Skills
10:45am – Activities of Math
11:00am – Logical Thinking
11:30am – Art
11:45am – Reading
12:00 noon – Lunch
1:00 pm – Free

How to homeschool preschool

The age from 2-5 is so formative. The foundation of the child’s temperament and interest is nurtured. Many developing skills are also boosted which helps them in schools in the future. Parents can homeschool preschool by some of the following steps:

  1. Teaching the kids ABCDs and developing activities like recognizing different alphabet’s
  2. Teaching the kid to write his/her name
  3. Matching the similar items and identification of those items
  4. Telling them about different shapes and colours.

Homeschooling in TN

In Tennessee, families have so many options available to educate their kids at home. In Tennessee, families can choose to teach their kids in grades k-12 through homeschooling programs. According to the law about homeschooling in Tennessee “Home school is that type of school which is conducted by parents or any other legal guardians for their kids”

Tennessee online public school

In Tennessee Online Public School, 51% are male student and 49% are female students. The percentage of minorities is 10%. It is one of the two high schools located there. It is a high profile community for the learners and was formed in 2012

Tennessee homeschool laws

Parents who want to homeschool their kids can choose one of the following available options

  1. Independent Home School

Parents can homeschool their kids by registering with any local school and according to law, homeschooling kids must maintain record of attendance and should submit this attendance record to the school director every year

  1. Church-related Umbrella School

Parents can also choose to register their homeschool with any church and parents should provide proof that kids is enrolled in a church affiliated school

  1. Accredited Online School

Parents who choose this option must determine that the school has got legal accreditation status and later on the proof should be provided that child is enrolled in legally accredited school

How to homeschool in TN

Homeschooling is a trend which is also very popular in Tennessee. Parents looking to home school their kids can follow the legal requirements of Tennessee State and after choosing a proper curriculum, they can start homeschool.

Homeschooling in Illinois

In Illinois, homeschooling is considered as a type of private education. Families looking to educate their kids at home should fulfil some legal requirements. Courses offered in home-schooling are arts, physical sciences and biology, social sciences, health and physical development.

Illinois online high school

IOHS (Illinois Online High School) is an international homeschool which is funded privately and operates under the code 105 ILCS 5/26-1 seq. This institute aims to assist the parents in tutoring options which are available in the state. Kids are assigned curriculum, certified instructor and support 24/7. Kids can access to all the course material and resources online.

Illinois homeschool laws

Parents who are willing to homeschool their kids must follow some of the legal requirements, set by Illinois State. These requirements are;
1. Families who want to educate their kids through homeschool must teach their kids the education branches according to the grade and age of kids.
2. Families are further obliged to give the course instructions in the English language.
3. Students should receive homeschool education which is equivalent to private school education.
4. Attendance record should be maintained and submit annually to school directors.

How to start homeschooling in Illinois

Educating the child through homeschool program is a decision, which is carefully taken by the parents. Parents look for those programs which are convenient for them and the curriculum meets all the requirements. Parents can take guidance from many institutes like Christian Home Educators Coalition (CHEC) of Illinois, CHESS of Illinois, Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) etc.

Homeschooling in California

Homeschooling is a trend which is also very much popular in California. Some parents prefer that their kid should be taught through homeschool independently, but looks for an institution which operates as an organization which is independent or through the state. Some of the best homeschools in California are Hickman Charter School, Sierra Charter School, and Mountain Oaks School

California homeschool laws

There are various ways of teaching the kid through homeschool program and different families can choose from many available options when determining convenient and best option for their kid. According to the authorities of homeschooling, the California homeschoolers have 4 options in order to teach their children. These 4 options are;

  1. Filing an affidavit with the Public Instruction superintendent of California to establish a home based private school
  2. Enrolling their child in PSP (Private school satellite program), which will be entirely composed of home educators
  3. The child can be taught by someone who have acquired a genuine California Teacher credential
  4. By using secular homeschool curriculum, The child can be enrolled in an independent study program

California homeschool network

By homeschooling families in 1994, CHN (California Homeschool Network) was founded. They are a group of dedicated people who aims to serve the homeschooling families of all the ethnic groups and religious background. They monitor all the legislation which may pose some kind of threats to the homeschooling practices.

How to homeschool in California

It is not that difficult to homeschool the kid in California. The parent’s needs to follow some basic requirements like filling an affidavit, health files and the student’s school record should be filed.

Homeschooling in VA

Families of different religious background and ethnic groups want to have a local homeschool. Before determining any homeschool, they check all the best possible options available for the homeschooling. Many group and state organizations are available in Virginia, which are helping the parents in finding the right homeschool for their kids. One of them is HEAV (Home Educators Associates of Virginia) which helps the new homeschoolers in an efficient way. The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers is another nonprofit, independent and member driven organization which is committed to help the members and other homeschoolers by providing accurate information about the homeschools in Virginia.

Virginia homeschool laws

Up-to-date and accurate information about all the legal requirements for the homeschooling purpose is very essential for homeschooling families and parents who are considering the home education system. Correct information about the homeschooling enables the parents to safeguard their freedom of homeschooling.

Parents and homeschooling families looking to have homeschooling gin Virginia must fulfill at least 1 of the 4 criteria mentioned below. Filing an annual intent notice with the curriculum description, submitting the annual progress evidence and complying the requirements of vaccination

In order to comply with statute of home instructions, these steps should be followed by the parents;

  • Having a diploma
  • Should be a certified teacher in Virginia
  • Should provide a curriculum which can be delivered through distance learning or through any other way
  • A Proof should be provided that he/she is capable of providing proper education to the child