Homeschooling in VA

Families of different religious background and ethnic groups want to have a local homeschool. Before determining any homeschool, they check all the best possible options available for the homeschooling. Many group and state organizations are available in Virginia, which are helping the parents in finding the right homeschool for their kids. One of them is HEAV (Home Educators Associates of Virginia) which helps the new homeschoolers in an efficient way. The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers is another nonprofit, independent and member driven organization which is committed to help the members and other homeschoolers by providing accurate information about the homeschools in Virginia.

Virginia homeschool laws

Up-to-date and accurate information about all the legal requirements for the homeschooling purpose is very essential for homeschooling families and parents who are considering the home education system. Correct information about the homeschooling enables the parents to safeguard their freedom of homeschooling.

Parents and homeschooling families looking to have homeschooling gin Virginia must fulfill at least 1 of the 4 criteria mentioned below. Filing an annual intent notice with the curriculum description, submitting the annual progress evidence and complying the requirements of vaccination

In order to comply with statute of home instructions, these steps should be followed by the parents;

  • Having a diploma
  • Should be a certified teacher in Virginia
  • Should provide a curriculum which can be delivered through distance learning or through any other way
  • A Proof should be provided that he/she is capable of providing proper education to the child

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