Homeschooling in TN

In Tennessee, families have so many options available to educate their kids at home. In Tennessee, families can choose to teach their kids in grades k-12 through homeschooling programs. According to the law about homeschooling in Tennessee “Home school is that type of school which is conducted by parents or any other legal guardians for their kids”

Tennessee online public school

In Tennessee Online Public School, 51% are male student and 49% are female students. The percentage of minorities is 10%. It is one of the two high schools located there. It is a high profile community for the learners and was formed in 2012

Tennessee homeschool laws

Parents who want to homeschool their kids can choose one of the following available options

  1. Independent Home School

Parents can homeschool their kids by registering with any local school and according to law, homeschooling kids must maintain record of attendance and should submit this attendance record to the school director every year

  1. Church-related Umbrella School

Parents can also choose to register their homeschool with any church and parents should provide proof that kids is enrolled in a church affiliated school

  1. Accredited Online School

Parents who choose this option must determine that the school has got legal accreditation status and later on the proof should be provided that child is enrolled in legally accredited school

How to homeschool in TN

Homeschooling is a trend which is also very popular in Tennessee. Parents looking to home school their kids can follow the legal requirements of Tennessee State and after choosing a proper curriculum, they can start homeschool.

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