Homeschooling in Texas

Homeschooling is one of the most convenient ways that a student could utilize for learning in an environment that he is aware of.

Texas Homeschool Coalition

Texas homschool coalition was formulated back in 1986. Its sole purpose was to handle the number of lawsuits, those were filled against the homeschoolers. In 1995 it was declared as a non-profit educational organization and in 2000 it gained the status of 501 (c) (4) advocacy organization for homeschooling families of Texas. THSC mission is to protect and serve homsschoolers and their families in the state.

Texas Homeschool Laws

Every state has a different set of laws governed by different bodies for homeschooling children and their families. In Texas law, homeschools are considered as private schools and private schools are not regulated by this state. In Texas if you are interested to homeschool your child, then there is no need to notify or to file some kind of paper to any authority.

How to Homeschool in Texas

In order to get a student to be homeschooled, it is necessary to understand the exact criterion set by the state and follow the procedures specified. In addition, it is necessary that a thorough research is to be done on the home school and compare it as per the Texas state laws. In case of high schools, THSC takes pride in providing homeschools to students and there are many homeschools like it that have started off from abiding Texas laws and following the standards of how to homeschool in Texas.

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