Homeschooling in PA

Pennsylvania is considered to be the most strictly regulated state in the USA. These regulations are always posing a threat to homeschoolers, but actually if you are well conversant with the rules and regulations then there is no difference in homeschooling between PA and other states. Here in this guide, we will discuss a few aspects about homeschooling in pa.

PA Homeschoolers

PA Homeschooler is a magazine to help homeschoolers in the state which is published under co-editorship of Susan and Howard Richman. Its first edition was published back in 1982 and since then it is providing an insight on homeschooling matters in Pennsylvania. Since 2010, users can access PA homeschoolers online as well.

PA Homeschool Law

For homeschooling,  parents need to submit an affidavit duly attested by notary public which will contain certain undertakings.

  1. Medium of instructions would be English.
  2. The person who will supervise homeschooling program is the child’s parent or a guardian and he possesses a high school diploma or an equivalent certification,
  3. Any adult living in the same house has no criminal record in past 5 years.
  4. Homeschooling program will meet the stat’s provisions.

According to an amendment to homeschool law which was issued in 2014, there is no requirement of portfolio review by college superintendents. It declared parent issued diploma equivalent to the diploma issued by the commonwealth.

How To Homeschool in PA

If you have decided to homeschool your child, then you must consult all available resources to gather information on this subject. As a homeschooling parent it is your sole responsibility to ensure complete compliance with the local law for this purpose.

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