Homeschooling in Ohio

If you have made up your mind for homeschooling in Ohio, you may require some useful information regarding laws, resources, curriculum and how to get started.  Each state of the United States has a set of specific requirement when it comes to homeschooling. A brief description of homeschooling in Ohio is given below:

Ohio Homeschool Laws

Under the Ohio homeschooling laws, Licensed or Certified teacher is the one who owns an authentic Ohio teaching license. Home education refers to a source of education that is provided by either the parent or any guardian under section 3321.04

The parents who choose to provide their children with home schooling will have to submit the following information to the superintendent.

  • Year of school for which a notification is required
  • Parent name, complete address, contact numbers.
  • The name, address and contact number of the person who will be teaching the child
  • Complete name and date of birth of the child who is homeschooled.
  • The curriculum, list of textbooks, basic teaching resources, etc.
  • Guarantee that at least nine hundred hours of education will be provided to the child being homeschooled for each school year.

How to Homeschool in Ohio

If you want to homeschool your child in Ohio, you need to abide by all the rules and regulations of homeschooling in Ohio. You also need to ascertain that the homeschooling teacher has at least a high school diploma or any other equivalence certificate from a well reputed college. The parents have to fulfill all the requirements and provide all necessary information with their signatures to the superintendent.

Ohio Homeschool Curriculum

When deciding the homeschool curricula, it must be ensured that the homeschooling should cater the following areas of learning, including language, geography and history of Ohio and United States, local government, math, science, physical education, arts, culture, music, etc. Browse through all the resources available and design or choose curricula that must ensure learning of the child in these following major areas.

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