Homeschooling in North Carolina

The concept of homeschooling in North Carolina is emerging day by day. Parents are convinced over this fact that a child should be subjected to homeschooling due to the factors like they can ensure safety and grooming of their child.

How to homeschool in NC

Homeschooling in NC is not mainstream, but it is gaining popularity. In the beginning, it might be difficult to choose a proper homeschool for your child, but there are few things that should be taken in account before you choose a worthy homeschool for your children which are:

  • Proper information about it through reliable source
  • What programs are they offering

NC homeschool curriculum

Every homeschool in North Carolina offers but most of them emphasize on the following things:

  • Teaching of basic subjects like English, mathematics, history is mandatory,
  • Other subjects like social sciences, arts, language can also be taught, but with the consent of the parents.
  • Every week an arts class should be held.
  • By the end of the every month an assessment test must be held and the report shall be submitted to the parents as well.

NC homeschool laws

Under the NC homeschool laws following points should be kept in mind:

  • Children who are below 16 years are eligible for homeschooling.
  • Regular attendance is mandatory for homeschooling.
  • The teacher or the guardian must also carry out extracurricular activity and the children should be encouraged to take part in it.
  • There should be an annual test for each homeschooler.
  • Homeschooler should be given lectures regarding spellings, history, mathematics, science and government.
  • Apart from the usual subjects the subjects of arts should be introduced in the session also.

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