Homeschooling in Missouri

Homeschooling in Missouri is one of the most diverse and flexible educational options available now a day. People in Missouri choose this option due its diversity and a flexible time schedule. Many families arrange their homeschooling program as same as the traditional schools where students study the same courses which are taught in public schools. But many families also use the other approach (un-school) and the schedule and course of the program is set according to the interest of their kids

Most homeschoolers in Missouri however, goes for the electric approach which is partly interest based and partly structured. This approach enables the parent to choose the materials and classes according to the child’s needs. These can be pooled teaching, independent study programs, charter school, volunteering, apprenticeship and many other options.

Missouri homeschool laws

Although homeschooling in Missouri is very easy to choose, but there are certain rules and regulation which must be followed

  1. Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Math and Reading must be included in the course of student
  2. Student must be provided at least 1000 hours of instruction in which 600 hours of the instructions must be provided in the 5 basic subjects
  3. A plan book must be maintained in which all the activities of the student should be recorded

Missouri homeschool curriculum

In Missouri, parents can choose the standard curriculum which is offered by different homeschools like Jefferson City Home Educators (JCHE), Lebanon Area Homeschoolers and Homeschool Information & Resource Share. The parents can also get customized homeschooling curriculum in which the child’s needs and interests are kept in mind

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