Homeschooling in Michigan

Homeschooling in Michigan is a growing trend and parents can educate their children through this program by following proper rules and regulations which are set by the state of Michigan.

Michigan homeschool laws

There are certain rules and regulations which must be fulfilled in order to teach the kids in home. Some of the laws for homeschooling in Michigan are
1. Proper record of the attendance must be maintained by the parents or guardians
2. The homeschool won’t be reported as non-public school
3. The local and intermediate school districts will be responsible for enforcing the law of compulsory school attendance
4. A Parent or guardian who wants to teach their kids must have a bachelor degree or a teaching certificate

Homeschool connections MI

Homeschool connection in MI is the premier and trusted community of homeschoolers. It is formed with an aim of helping and guiding the parents who are educating their kids through homeschooling programs.

They are offering a wide range of curriculums which includes several interesting activities in order to increase the child’s thirst for knowledge.

With both enrichment and academic selections, they encourage a learning environment which helps the child in preparing for the college.

Online schooling in Michigan

Michigan’s has one of the finest educational institutes’ both in the private and public sectors and they are also shifting towards the more modernized schooling pattern. Online schools in Michigan are offering new programs which are well aligned with the current needs and demands. Some of the best online schools in Michigan state are MOOCs and Michigan Virtual University.

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