Homeschooling in KY

The constitution of Kentucky has established rules in which the parents or guardian can choose formal type of education for their kids. Parents can choose to teach their kids in private school, which also includes homeschool.

If a guardian or parent chooses to teach their kids through homeschool programs, they take the full responsibility of educating their kids. Educational material and curriculum is choose by the families and the State of Kentucky does not provide any financial assistance to the families.

Kentucky homeschool laws

There are some laws which must be followed by the parents and the guardians to teach their kids through homeschooling programs.

  1. Attendance record must be maintained compulsory and if any child remains absent for 3 or more days without any valid reason will be considered as a truant
  2. At least 1062 hours of instructions must be provided to the kids in 170 working days (Attendance Days)
  3. The language of instructions must be English
  4. Parents must maintain the record of all the study progress of the child

Online schools in KY

Many online schools are offering homeschoolig curriculums and study material to the kids who wants to learn through homeschooling programs. These schools also design the course material according to the demands and interest of the kids. Some of the best online schools in KY are George Washington University Online High School, The Keystone School, K¹² International Academy, Kentucky Virtual Academy, Eastern Kentucky University and Lindsey Wilson College

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