Homeschooling in Indiana

Parents who choose the homeschooling option can seek help and guidance from the Indiana Department of Education. They guide the parents about all the rules and regulations, curriculum structure, compulsory subjects, mode of teaching and many other important things. Apart from that, many private associations’ also provide help and support to the homeschooling parents.

Indiana homeschool laws

It is very important all the laws which are set by the state of Indiana before going for the option of homeschooling. Failing in meeting their requirements can lead the parents to many legal complications in future.

  1. The kid must be provided instructions for at least 180 days (Number of days in one session)
  2. The language of instruction must be English
  3. There is no certifications or diploma required for the parent who wants to teach their kids in home
  4. There are no such compulsory subjects for the homeschooling kids and the laws of Indiana gives freedom and flexibility to the parent to choose the textbooks and curriculum which they feel will benefit their kid
  5. Attendance is mandatory and proper record of the attendance and students’ progress must be maintained

Indiana homeschool convention

The Indiana homeschool convention is a large gathering of homeschoolers, homeschooling associations and publishers in which different ideas are shared.

Publishers display their homeschool textbooks, homeschoolers shared their views and the associations discuss the problems and solutions related to the homeschooling.

In these conventions, the parents are encouraged to take part because they can get great knowledge which can help them in future.

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