Homeschooling in Illinois

In Illinois, homeschooling is considered as a type of private education. Families looking to educate their kids at home should fulfil some legal requirements. Courses offered in home-schooling are arts, physical sciences and biology, social sciences, health and physical development.

Illinois online high school

IOHS (Illinois Online High School) is an international homeschool which is funded privately and operates under the code 105 ILCS 5/26-1 seq. This institute aims to assist the parents in tutoring options which are available in the state. Kids are assigned curriculum, certified instructor and support 24/7. Kids can access to all the course material and resources online.

Illinois homeschool laws

Parents who are willing to homeschool their kids must follow some of the legal requirements, set by Illinois State. These requirements are;
1. Families who want to educate their kids through homeschool must teach their kids the education branches according to the grade and age of kids.
2. Families are further obliged to give the course instructions in the English language.
3. Students should receive homeschool education which is equivalent to private school education.
4. Attendance record should be maintained and submit annually to school directors.

How to start homeschooling in Illinois

Educating the child through homeschool program is a decision, which is carefully taken by the parents. Parents look for those programs which are convenient for them and the curriculum meets all the requirements. Parents can take guidance from many institutes like Christian Home Educators Coalition (CHEC) of Illinois, CHESS of Illinois, Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) etc.

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