Homeschooling in Georgia

To start off with homeschooling in Georgia, you need to gather information about related legal issues and laws. You need to be aware of all the main issues you may have to deal with regarding state rules and curricula. Make sure that you follow the homeschooling laws for Georgia. Major laws all summarized below.

Georgia homeSchool Laws

  • The homeschooling adults are not required now to submit all attendance to the Georgia Department of Education or the superintendent.
  • However, parents who have made their mind to provide homeschooling to their child must submit an annual Letter of Intent. It can be submitted via mail too.
  • The parents are required to keep a record of the following:

1) Their child’s annual attendance

2) An annual assessment report for all the areas of learning like reading, math, science, language, fine arts, etc.

3) Tests reports from any standardized testing system which needs to be administered every 3 years.

All the above mentioned record must be kept by parents throughout the homeschooling period. They may need it later to prove the school attendance.

  • The homeschool program should cater all the basic academic learning areas and provide an effective academic educational program.
  • Each homeschool day must be at least of four and a half hours.
  • Parents should write an annual progress report and keep a record of it for three years.
  • The teaching parent needs to have a high school diploma or an equivalent certificate to be able to provide homeschooling his child.
  • The parents need to provide the Declaration of Intent within 30 days after opting for a homeschool program and before 1 September every year, to the State Department of Education.

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