Homeschooling in Colorado

Parents in Colorado now more focused towards the homeschooling and those who are dissatisfied from the traditional educational approach and new educating their child through homeschooling program.

There are many private and public associations which are helping the parents in issues related to homeschooling.

They provide guidance in times of admissions, during legal complications, in selecting the curriculum and homeschool

Colorado homeschool laws

Before going for the option of homeschooling, there are certain laws which must be followed. These laws are regulated by the state of Colorado and failing to fulfill these may lead to legal complications

  1. The parents or guardian provide a notification in written to the local school district 14 days before choosing the homeschooling option
  2. The law requires that the parent or guardian must maintain records of the test scores, immunization and attendance
  3. The instructions of homeschooling must include writing, spelling, reading, speaking, history, mathematics, literature, civics, the constitution of the United states of America and science
  4. It is not necessary for the guardians or parents to obtain a teaching license for teaching their kids in home
  5. The result of test must be submitted to the parochial, private or district school for the evaluation

K12 online school Colorado

There are many online schools which offer different curriculums and learning schedules for the homeschooling kids. These online schools also provide customized curriculums which are designed according to the needs of the child. Some of the best K12 online schools in Colorado are Colorado Preparatory Academy, Insight School of Colorado and Pikes Peak Online School

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