Homeschooling in California

Homeschooling is a trend which is also very much popular in California. Some parents prefer that their kid should be taught through homeschool independently, but looks for an institution which operates as an organization which is independent or through the state. Some of the best homeschools in California are Hickman Charter School, Sierra Charter School, and Mountain Oaks School

California homeschool laws

There are various ways of teaching the kid through homeschool program and different families can choose from many available options when determining convenient and best option for their kid. According to the authorities of homeschooling, the California homeschoolers have 4 options in order to teach their children. These 4 options are;

  1. Filing an affidavit with the Public Instruction superintendent of California to establish a home based private school
  2. Enrolling their child in PSP (Private school satellite program), which will be entirely composed of home educators
  3. The child can be taught by someone who have acquired a genuine California Teacher credential
  4. By using secular homeschool curriculum, The child can be enrolled in an independent study program

California homeschool network

By homeschooling families in 1994, CHN (California Homeschool Network) was founded. They are a group of dedicated people who aims to serve the homeschooling families of all the ethnic groups and religious background. They monitor all the legislation which may pose some kind of threats to the homeschooling practices.

How to homeschool in California

It is not that difficult to homeschool the kid in California. The parent’s needs to follow some basic requirements like filling an affidavit, health files and the student’s school record should be filed.

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