Homeschooling in Alabama

Homeschooling in Alabama is a trend which has gained a lot of importance in the recent times and many parents who are dissatisfied from the traditional schooling practice are shifting towards the homeschooling. By this way, parents can choose the curriculum according to their demands and interest of the child. Similarly, parents can have flexible timings and a working schedule so the kids don’t get bored. Many different activities are given in the homeschooling courses with the help of which, kids can learn by playing. Some of the best homeschools in Alabama are Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF) of Alabama, Abundant Life School, Alabama Homeschool Academy, Alabama Hope Academy, Bright Horizons Homeschool and Eden Academy of Tuscaloosa Support Group.

Alabama homeschool laws

In the state of Alabama, homeschooling are not given the status of the private individual entity. The parents should educate their kids, according to the set provisions by the State of Alabama and umbrella or covering must be chosen which can support the homeschool. Kids can be taught by only those parents and guardians who have got some credentials in teaching. Homeschool should be registered with the state and kids from age 7-16 are eligible to teach in the private homeschools.

How to homeschool in Alabama

Homeschooling in Alabama is not that much difficult. Although there are some certain rules and regulations, but they are just to fulfil all the legal requirements. Parents can choose curriculum and homeschool and start teaching their kids in their homes

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