ACE homeschool curriculum

ACE homeschool has a very definite curriculum which includes all the basic subjects which are:

  • Phonics and reading
  • Writing
  • A+ Mathematics
  • Monarch by Alpha Omega
  • Computer instruction courses

ACE homeschool reviews

ACE has been considered as the school of tomorrow where the efficient and professional teachers prepare your children for the tomorrow, because kids are the future of this nation. Before sending your kids to the Ace here is a quick review. The students here are given the quality and standard education and after graduating they can apply in any field they want with confidence. The students here are given liberty and taught with love and care. Every Friday students are given the opportunity to prepare lunch for themselves so they learn how to handle kitchen and prepare food. Students are also told how to build a moral character. Lessons regarding Christianity are also being delivered. In short, many parents have favored this homeschool and are happy with the way they are educating their kids.

ACE homeschool diagnostic test

There is a rule that before getting admission into the SCE every student has to go through a diagnostic test, this test determines that how much effort would a student has to do in a certain area or subject. This test has four domains which are:

  1. Mathematics from 1-9 standard
  2. English from 1-8 standard
  3. Reading levels
  4. And spelling level

Once the areas which need more concentration are assessed, then certain PACEs are given to overcome the weaknesses. This is done at beginning and is absolutely free.

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