Homeschool teachers for hire

Many students and parents want to have a private teacher who can teach the student one on one. They consider this methodology better than the traditional academic environment in which one  teacher has to deal with hundreds of students and he can’t give proper attention to every individual. Although in many states, parents can also teach their kids through homeschooling programs, but they can also hire a private tutor for this purpose.

There are many institutions which provide teachers to the homeschoolers such as Tutor Corps, Shining Stars Homeschooling and cardinal scholars.

Apart from that, parents can hire teachers through local Yellow Pages directory, newspaper advertisements, nearby school or college and through social media as well. and are some of other online platforms where parents can post their requirements for hiring a teacher. Parents can browse these sites and hire a teacher according to their requirements

How to become a homeschool teacher

In the United States of America, 11 States, which includes New Mexico, Georgia, North Dakota, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia and Washington requires parents to have an appropriate educational background in order to become a homeschool teacher. The requirements are mostly GED or a high school diploma, but in the State of Washington, they require a higher qualification such as completion of a home based study course or college credits. The remaining 39 States of America does not require any formal educational background or certificate and allow them to teach their kids through homeschool programs

Grace homeschool connections

Grace homeschool connections has an aim of providing a community to the students where students are encouraged to first seek the God and then pursuing academic activities. They assist the homeschooling community by arranging great classes for the Middle school as well for the High School students in both core and elective subjects. The classes are small, ranging from students of 5-20. Their teachers and course facilitators work in cooperation with the families in order to fulfill the complete course requirements.

Homeschool connections Bothell

In the city of Bothell, there are many homeschool connections which are providing quality services to the parents and kids.

Connections Alaska Homeschool Program is initiated with the same vision by believing that homeschooling is a viable and excellent option for the parents and their kids.

They believe that parents should be an important part of the homeschooling programs and they must act as primary teachers to educate their kids at home.

Christian homeschool connection

Christian homeschool connection is a large network of Christian homeschooling parents and kids. It was initiated to support the families connected with homeschooling programs and facilitate them in problems they are facing. They provide information on homeschooling, a marketplace for selling, buying and borrowing the homeschooling materials, having meetings of homeschoolers in order to build the social interaction and exchange of ideas and opening forums for discussing the homeschool issues online. Veteran homeschoolers are also part of it and they assist the newcomers in dealing with different issues and regulations

Homeschooling in Colorado

Parents in Colorado now more focused towards the homeschooling and those who are dissatisfied from the traditional educational approach and new educating their child through homeschooling program.

There are many private and public associations which are helping the parents in issues related to homeschooling.

They provide guidance in times of admissions, during legal complications, in selecting the curriculum and homeschool

Colorado homeschool laws

Before going for the option of homeschooling, there are certain laws which must be followed. These laws are regulated by the state of Colorado and failing to fulfill these may lead to legal complications

  1. The parents or guardian provide a notification in written to the local school district 14 days before choosing the homeschooling option
  2. The law requires that the parent or guardian must maintain records of the test scores, immunization and attendance
  3. The instructions of homeschooling must include writing, spelling, reading, speaking, history, mathematics, literature, civics, the constitution of the United states of America and science
  4. It is not necessary for the guardians or parents to obtain a teaching license for teaching their kids in home
  5. The result of test must be submitted to the parochial, private or district school for the evaluation

K12 online school Colorado

There are many online schools which offer different curriculums and learning schedules for the homeschooling kids. These online schools also provide customized curriculums which are designed according to the needs of the child. Some of the best K12 online schools in Colorado are Colorado Preparatory Academy, Insight School of Colorado and Pikes Peak Online School

Homeschooling in Indiana

Parents who choose the homeschooling option can seek help and guidance from the Indiana Department of Education. They guide the parents about all the rules and regulations, curriculum structure, compulsory subjects, mode of teaching and many other important things. Apart from that, many private associations’ also provide help and support to the homeschooling parents.

Indiana homeschool laws

It is very important all the laws which are set by the state of Indiana before going for the option of homeschooling. Failing in meeting their requirements can lead the parents to many legal complications in future.

  1. The kid must be provided instructions for at least 180 days (Number of days in one session)
  2. The language of instruction must be English
  3. There is no certifications or diploma required for the parent who wants to teach their kids in home
  4. There are no such compulsory subjects for the homeschooling kids and the laws of Indiana gives freedom and flexibility to the parent to choose the textbooks and curriculum which they feel will benefit their kid
  5. Attendance is mandatory and proper record of the attendance and students’ progress must be maintained

Indiana homeschool convention

The Indiana homeschool convention is a large gathering of homeschoolers, homeschooling associations and publishers in which different ideas are shared.

Publishers display their homeschool textbooks, homeschoolers shared their views and the associations discuss the problems and solutions related to the homeschooling.

In these conventions, the parents are encouraged to take part because they can get great knowledge which can help them in future.

Homeschooling in Missouri

Homeschooling in Missouri is one of the most diverse and flexible educational options available now a day. People in Missouri choose this option due its diversity and a flexible time schedule. Many families arrange their homeschooling program as same as the traditional schools where students study the same courses which are taught in public schools. But many families also use the other approach (un-school) and the schedule and course of the program is set according to the interest of their kids

Most homeschoolers in Missouri however, goes for the electric approach which is partly interest based and partly structured. This approach enables the parent to choose the materials and classes according to the child’s needs. These can be pooled teaching, independent study programs, charter school, volunteering, apprenticeship and many other options.

Missouri homeschool laws

Although homeschooling in Missouri is very easy to choose, but there are certain rules and regulation which must be followed

  1. Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Math and Reading must be included in the course of student
  2. Student must be provided at least 1000 hours of instruction in which 600 hours of the instructions must be provided in the 5 basic subjects
  3. A plan book must be maintained in which all the activities of the student should be recorded

Missouri homeschool curriculum

In Missouri, parents can choose the standard curriculum which is offered by different homeschools like Jefferson City Home Educators (JCHE), Lebanon Area Homeschoolers and Homeschool Information & Resource Share. The parents can also get customized homeschooling curriculum in which the child’s needs and interests are kept in mind

Homeschooling in KY

The constitution of Kentucky has established rules in which the parents or guardian can choose formal type of education for their kids. Parents can choose to teach their kids in private school, which also includes homeschool.

If a guardian or parent chooses to teach their kids through homeschool programs, they take the full responsibility of educating their kids. Educational material and curriculum is choose by the families and the State of Kentucky does not provide any financial assistance to the families.

Kentucky homeschool laws

There are some laws which must be followed by the parents and the guardians to teach their kids through homeschooling programs.

  1. Attendance record must be maintained compulsory and if any child remains absent for 3 or more days without any valid reason will be considered as a truant
  2. At least 1062 hours of instructions must be provided to the kids in 170 working days (Attendance Days)
  3. The language of instructions must be English
  4. Parents must maintain the record of all the study progress of the child

Online schools in KY

Many online schools are offering homeschoolig curriculums and study material to the kids who wants to learn through homeschooling programs. These schools also design the course material according to the demands and interest of the kids. Some of the best online schools in KY are George Washington University Online High School, The Keystone School, K¹² International Academy, Kentucky Virtual Academy, Eastern Kentucky University and Lindsey Wilson College

Homeschooling in Michigan

Homeschooling in Michigan is a growing trend and parents can educate their children through this program by following proper rules and regulations which are set by the state of Michigan.

Michigan homeschool laws

There are certain rules and regulations which must be fulfilled in order to teach the kids in home. Some of the laws for homeschooling in Michigan are
1. Proper record of the attendance must be maintained by the parents or guardians
2. The homeschool won’t be reported as non-public school
3. The local and intermediate school districts will be responsible for enforcing the law of compulsory school attendance
4. A Parent or guardian who wants to teach their kids must have a bachelor degree or a teaching certificate

Homeschool connections MI

Homeschool connection in MI is the premier and trusted community of homeschoolers. It is formed with an aim of helping and guiding the parents who are educating their kids through homeschooling programs.

They are offering a wide range of curriculums which includes several interesting activities in order to increase the child’s thirst for knowledge.

With both enrichment and academic selections, they encourage a learning environment which helps the child in preparing for the college.

Online schooling in Michigan

Michigan’s has one of the finest educational institutes’ both in the private and public sectors and they are also shifting towards the more modernized schooling pattern. Online schools in Michigan are offering new programs which are well aligned with the current needs and demands. Some of the best online schools in Michigan state are MOOCs and Michigan Virtual University.

Homeschooling in New Jersey

New Jersey contains some of the best homeschools which are offering curriculum according to the needs and demands of the parents. Parents can educate their kids through homeschooling programs by fulfilling the legal requirements which were set by the high court in 1960.

There are no other such legal complications like to notify or getting permission from the district government, but it is better to inform them early because in any legal complications, the parents will be asked to give proof that a child is getting an equivalent education at home.

There are no specific rules regarding attendance of the kids and there are no basic requirements for curricular content, teaching methods, lesson plans, reports or logs, testing or teaching credentials. Similarly, it is not necessary to have any specific book for homeschooling too. All these relaxations have made homeschooling one of the best choices for the parents who are not satisfied with the traditional educational methodology.

Home school programs in NJ

Parents can choose any curriculum which is suited to their needs. Many homeschoools in New Jersey offers customized curriculums and educational programs. In New Jersey, the child is permitted under the educational law (N.J.S.A.18A:38-25) to get an equivalent education elsewhere than at public school. There are many local homeschool communities in New Jersey, which are offering legal and social support to the homeschoolers such as Education Network of Christian Home Schoolers (ENOCH), Catholic Homeschool Association with Papal Loyalty Educating Together (CHAPLET), Catholic Homeschoolers of New Jersey (CHNJ), Cornerstone Home Educators and Doorposts Christian Homeschoolers of South Jersey.

SC homeschool associations

There are many associations in the South Carolina which offers help and guidance to the parents who are seeking homeschooling education for their kids. Parents who are new to the homeschooling or stuck in legal complications can approach these associations for advice.

SCAIHS (South Carolina Association of Independent Homeschools) is one of the associations which aims to provide support to parents in choosing a homeschool and curriculum for their kids. They offer other services too, like career counselling, teacher training and other certifications as well

Palmetto Homeschool Association, Inc. (PHA), is another organization which was funded by Jeff and Carolyn Petroski. PHA’s mission is to enable the parents in educating their kids through homeschooling programs with more freedom

SouthCarolina homeschool

South Carolina homeschools are providing quality education and parents are shifting to educate their kids through a variety of homeschool located in South Carolina. Some of the best homeschools in South Carolina are Horizon Charter School, Hart-Ransom Academic Charter School, Visions in Education Charter School and Camptonville Academy

SC homeschool law

There are some legislations and legal procedures which must be followed in order to educate the kids through homeschooling programs. According to these laws, the guardian or parent can teach their kids at home if all the instructions of the one of the association of South Carolina are followed. The association must have at least 50 members. A parent must possess high school diploma or GED (General Educational Development) certificate. The record of the student must be maintained regularly.

Homeschooling in Alabama

Homeschooling in Alabama is a trend which has gained a lot of importance in the recent times and many parents who are dissatisfied from the traditional schooling practice are shifting towards the homeschooling. By this way, parents can choose the curriculum according to their demands and interest of the child. Similarly, parents can have flexible timings and a working schedule so the kids don’t get bored. Many different activities are given in the homeschooling courses with the help of which, kids can learn by playing. Some of the best homeschools in Alabama are Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF) of Alabama, Abundant Life School, Alabama Homeschool Academy, Alabama Hope Academy, Bright Horizons Homeschool and Eden Academy of Tuscaloosa Support Group.

Alabama homeschool laws

In the state of Alabama, homeschooling are not given the status of the private individual entity. The parents should educate their kids, according to the set provisions by the State of Alabama and umbrella or covering must be chosen which can support the homeschool. Kids can be taught by only those parents and guardians who have got some credentials in teaching. Homeschool should be registered with the state and kids from age 7-16 are eligible to teach in the private homeschools.

How to homeschool in Alabama

Homeschooling in Alabama is not that much difficult. Although there are some certain rules and regulations, but they are just to fulfil all the legal requirements. Parents can choose curriculum and homeschool and start teaching their kids in their homes